In the Community


From Kim’s Monthly Poetry Workshop at Crossroads Recovery Home for Alcoholic Women:

I can’t believe the things you get me to write.  I had no idea I could write at all, let alone poetry.  I love your class.

Sabina, Resident

I always look forward to you coming here and reading poetry to us.  I’m getting better at writing and not being shy about sharing what I write.

Jen, Resident

I’m so glad the women have this class.  I took a creative writing class myself recently and I thought it would be very beneficial to the women at Crossroads.   I’m grateful you’re here doing this work.

Maria Costello, Executive Director

From Shelley Serdahely, Executive Director, Men Stopping Violence

Thank you for writing “Name Me.”  It is a powerful and courageous book.  I have passed it on to Sulaiman Nuriddin, Director of Men’s Education.  He will use it, poems from it, to bring women’s reality into the room while he’s working with men.

In Peace,